Learn How To Use Digital Media To Convey A Story Or A Message (With Examples)

It’s a proven fact that human minds are much more responsive to the beauty of visuals rather than text. Visual storytelling is all about how aesthetic your presentation is, as it defines your brand, and how your portrayal of your brand is perceived by the audience. 

You may be a brand of quality products, but unless your customer engagement is good, then the whole point of promotion becomes a waste. That’s why the new age marketing campaigns have now focussed on digital media to transform their branding with more visual appeal. 

The right way to go about a storytelling approach is to start with research about every media platform; that way, you can analyze the risks and strengths of the particular media along with the information about the engagement rate of your target demographic.  

Take a look at these key tips to cleverly use digital media to hook your audience with a compelling message.

Pictures Speak A Thousand Words 

Content presented with images is more appealing to human brains than plain texts. Great aesthetics are like candies for human brains, as they automatically make them more responsive.  

The brand should enable its customers to visualize the content rather the just presenting it. The color palettes and styles of your brand help you to make a strong impression in your audience’s minds.  

The integral part of implementing visual grammar is inducing an emotional response. Emotions are strong when your audience can relate to your brand, as their brains will reflect on what you are trying to say, subsequently making in-roads in their thought process.  

The admiration and trust of your customers follow once their relationship with the brand becomes personal. Images help you achieve that relationship as they help customers to identify with the values of the brand. 

Ogilvy: Using Images To Highlight A Social Issue

Ogilvy highlights the problem of plastic waste through the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) Campaign. This campaign shows a large number of fish deformed due to plastic waste, and it shows the message ‘You eat what they eat.’

Your Videos Should Tell A Story 

Videos offer you a platform to tell your stories to your customer and let you engage them. Videos can be in any form – promotional, trailers, testimonials, How-to, etc. They also help in the ranking of your websites due to reliable and informative content. 

Regardless of how large or small your brand is, videos are a great way to establish your online presence. They only make your brand more trustable and interesting. One of the very important factors in engaging your customers is to have an intro for your videos. 

Intro becomes important as the first few minutes decide whether your users are going to continue or hop on to the next in the playlist. To make an appealing intro for your video, you can find a video intro maker free online which offer ample templates to work with.

Android: Telling A Compelling Story Using Animals 

Google Android’s “Friends Furever” video campaign with the message ‘Be Together. Not the Same’ was very much loved by the audience due to the special focus on the subject matter “the animals.”

The different animals shown here reflected the experiences that they shared with each other through being different, hence clearly communicating android’s message about its functionalities. 

Communication Is Key 

Communicating with your audience in the right way is the core step of advertising, and when you offer them a chance to have a two-way interaction with the brand, that’s when you forge a relationship with them.  

The two-way interaction helps you in understanding the feedback of your customers, both at individual and group levels, thus making your brand identity stronger. The key is to understand the user’s interests and preferences and customize your solutions accordingly to make your offerings attractive. 

You can make self-explanatory animated videos that can easily convert potential customers using relevant call-to-action buttons. You can also use graphic designs to catch the viewer’s attention.   

Graphics are commonly used to convey the selling point of your brand effectively. They can also be data-driven and provide your audience an insight to the users in a very factual way.  

The animated ads are easier and very inexpensive for your brand to create. They are an especially useful medium for brands with a smaller budget who can’t afford to spend too much. 

Demo Duck: Short And Sweet With A CTA

One of the famous animated video campaigns was launched by Demo Duck – ‘Wheels for Wishes.’ Here they brilliantly put forward their narrative without overtly communicating it through. Combined with a clever call to action, the 15 seconds made its mark among the target audience.

Harness The Growth Of Tech 

In today’s digital age, smartphones have made their place in everyone’s life. They have also proven themselves as an instant engagement medium for brands with their customers. 

You can get started with creating web banners adaptable for mobile screens. Use windows 10 video editor to create user-friendly advertisements according to mobile display, which will help you boost your brand’s name and generate higher revenues.  

Mobile advertising has truly the game-changer since it offers you an instant reach to your audience and a much better response to call-to-action compared to other channels.  

Apart from higher customer engagement rates, smartphones offer a cost-effective way to personalize customer relationships and social media interaction. 

Mazda: Cleverly Utilizing Mobile Ads 

Talking about mobile adverts, Mazda, in 2017, stole the show with its campaign. 

The advert was designed specifically for mobile users, showing a car crash. To make it more effective, after the car crash, the cracked screen of the mobile was visualized, sending their message of Safe driving directly to the users.

Parting Thoughts

Digital media has now become a necessity for every brand in advertising and visual multimedia, such as photos, videos, and slideshows, are now leading the transformation from the forefront. 

The digital medium has evolved as a great platform to help you spread the word about your brand in the quirkiest, as well as the quickest ways possible. If your visual story stands out in your audience’s mind, then the possibilities of your brand going viral become high. 

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