Curiosity is what has made me from an ordinary middle-class boy to the man behind Satish K Videos. My name is Satish Kushwaha. I belong from a small town in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. I have completed my education in Hindi medium.

My journey started with curiosity toward camera and filmmaking after completing school. I wanted to make a career in the same but it was not possible due to my family conditions.

When you have no resources to achieve your dreams, you always have a choice to be resourceful with calculated risk. With this, I shifted to the city of dreams “Mumbai” where my budding dream got the opportunity to grow.

Here are some of the most significant milestones that I achieved.

1) First Payment

I crossed the milestone of 1K subscribers on 15 August 2016.

Eventually, my YouTube channel got monetized and in September 2016, the first Dollar appeared on my Adsense dashboard.

That was the point, I committed myself that if I can make 1$ then I can definitely make 10x, 50x, and even 100x out of it. After that, there was no turning back.

I received my first AdSense payment to my bank account on 26/04/2016

Satish K Videos First Income

2) YouTube Space

One of the main reasons behind shifting to Mumbai was ‘YouTube Space’.

It included workshops related to acting, filmmaking, and much more that help creators to upgrade and learn the game of content creation on YouTube platform.

From college days, along with a blog, I also had a YouTube channel named “Reaction among People” where I used to upload topics such as social problems and reactions of people on controversy.

This channel was later renamed as

“Satish K Videos”.

By hitting the milestone of 1000 subscribers, I became eligible for the YouTube space program. 

I signed up on the official website for YouTube space Mumbai by selecting “Sound Recording workshop” from the Event list option.

There were numerous benefits of YouTube space workshop such as:

  • First of all it is free of cost
  • Various topics were covered in these workshops.
  • It provided a golden opportunity to meet and collaborate with other YouTube creators.
  • You would get a chance to attend more events and parties which of course included refreshment as well.
YouTube Space Mumbai

3) India’s First Interview Show

As I had already mentioned that I had completed my first 1000 subscribers till December 2016.

As my new year resolution I decided to implement my thoughts into action and started  interview show named

“The Indian YouTuber Show”

YouTube Space provided me the opportunity to do networking with lots of successful people in their respective fields.

I started approaching people from my network for interviews. “ThrustUS” Pranksters was the first guest of this episode.

YouTube player

Then I uploaded the second episode with Dhananjay Bhosle and Saurabh Nahar who are great Tech YouTubers.

YouTube player

ReloadersTV was the third guest of this series. Earlier this channel was known as “Angaar TV” where they used to make spoof and WWE videos.

YouTube player

I discontinued this series because I didn’t get much response from it and resumed creating the reaction videos.

Due to the urge to take interviews, I couldn’t stop myself from creating interview videos.

In May 2017, I went to Delhi for an interview with “Sharmaji Technical”.

YouTube player

Again I have to stop this series because of some controversy.

After a few months, I couldn’t resist myself from creating and uploading interviews.

In November 2017, I met and interviewed the founder of My Smart Support “Dharmendra Kumar”.

YouTube player

This interview with desi twist got a lot of love and support from the audience.

At this point of time I used to upload both comedy videos as well as interviews. This created confusion among the audience.

So I finally decided to rename this channel “Reaction among people”  as “Satish K Videos”  on YouTube.

This is how India’s First Interview Show started.

With God’s grace and your support, we are achieving many milestones through this channel.

This interview series includes the inspirational journey of people who excel in their domain. It included a roadmap of how they reached that position from scratch.

This series was an instant hit from day one and got so much love and support from the audience.

4) First Time experience in five star hotel Taj

YouTube player

All my subscribers already know that in February 2018 I got a chance to stay in Mumbai Taj Hotel with Dharmendra Kumar.

If you are from a middle class background you all will agree that staying in Taj Hotel is a big dream for many.

On that day, I realised that we should always dream big and put all our efforts into accomplishing it because nothing can match the feeling of achieving your dreams.

In these 2 years, I experienced a huge shift in my perspective. I would like to add names of some people that had a great influence on my life.

These are Dharmendra Kumar from My Smart Support, Sharmaji Technical, Sid aTalk aka Siddhant Jain, Abhishek Bhatnagar Sir, Harsh Chauhan, Abhishek Sagar, Ankit Singla, Vivek Singh, Rohit Mewada, and Vj Pawan Singh.

5) First BMW Experience

YouTube player

In September 2018, I met Pritam Nagrale for an interview on my channel.

After recording the interview, we all went for a ride in his BMW. It was my first ride in the BMW. What a phenomenal experience I had there!

6)Got 5 Play Button From YouTube

YouTube player

It took me 19 months to complete 100K subscribers on my channel ‘Satish Kushwaha’. After a few days, I finally got my first silver play button which is a dream milestone for every youtuber.

At this point of time, I was definitely happy at that moment but not satisfied because there was a lot more to achieve to fulfil my grand vision.

After that one by one, I crossed various milestones on different channels. Currently, I have 5+ YouTube play buttons.

 7) Backbone video of Satish k Videos (Ankur Agrawal)

YouTube player

In 2019, I did an interview with Ankur Agrawal who is a digital marketer with 8+ years of experience.

The interview named ” How Ankur Agrawal makes $30,000 per Month Online” is backbone of Satish k videos because it was the first viral video of this channel.

His insights and guidelines helped me a lot in branding and rapid growth of my channel.

8) Heard first time about law of attraction and started practicing it

YouTube player

In 2017, for the first time, I heard about the concept of the law of attraction. At that time, I used to live in a small chawl in Mumbai.

While reading about various books related to improving my mindset, I came across a book named “The Secret” .

I found that there was a movie as well about the same book. So I preferred to watch that movie in Hindi before actually reading the book.

Like others, I could not believe in the concept of manifesting dreams merely by visualization. I thought that if this concept is true then why is it not discussed in schools or family.

In that movie, it was mentioned that only 1-2% of the world’s population knew about this concept.

Great scientists like Newton, and other great businessmen have used this concept to achieve their goals.

Finally, I also implement this law of attraction to achieve my goals such as buying a house, interviewing Shaktiman Aka Mukesh Khanna, attracting money, etc.

YouTube player

9) First House Using Law of Attraction

In August 2018, I used to dream about buying a house in Mumbai.

YouTube player

Even though I did not have money at that time, I still started putting efforts to fulfil it by looking out for a house.

I didn’t know about the possibility of buying a house but an internal voice was pushing me to take action. Along with this there was an emotional reason as well.

I was kicked out of the place where I used to live in a shared room. This incident added fuel to my desire to buy a house. As a bachelor it was very difficult to find a room on rent.

I started visualizing everything like location of my room, the area where I will set up my camera, colour of walls, etc. I started dreaming about a house in August and exactly after 6 to 7 months (in February) the deal for that house was finally decided.

It took a month for all the legal processes like the registry. Finally, in less than 10 months, I was in my visualized dream house.

10) First flight experience for my Parents


It is every child’s dream to become a reason for pride in the eyes of their parents.

My parents had never visited any place outside the village.

When I bought a house in Mumbai, the first thing I did was to book a flight ticket for them to have a visit at my place.

Travelling in flight is a big dream for every middle class. I can’t forget that feeling of pride and happiness on my parents face on that day.

11) My First Dream Bike Using Law of Attraction

It was my childhood dream to buy a sports bike. Before 2019, I had made some resolutions for the New Year. In that list I had written goals like buying a house, buying my dream bike BMW 3TR but later my choice shifted towards Apache RR310.

On my birthday I had achieved the goal of buying my sports bike.

Apache RR310 was the birthday gift that I gave to myself in 2019.

I manifested this dream of buying my sports bike by law of attraction by setting the wallpaper of Apache RR310 on my laptop screen.

When you create a vision board of your dream, your mind starts showing the path & energy for achieving that dream.

Finally when you achieve your target your confidence boosts up to achieve other targets as well.

YouTube player

12) First Public Speaking

YouTube player

Think VID had organized an event at Hotel Clarks Amer in Jaipur where around 200 Creators were invited.

At that event, I got a chance to speak as a guest speaker for the first time in 2019.

13) I met Shaktiman Aka Mukesh Khanna Using Law Of Attraction

YouTube player

I can proudly say that my dream of interviewing Mukesh Khanna was the result of the law of attraction.

6-7 months before the interview, I used to dream about doing an interview with him.

Finally with the help of a third person this dream was manifested.

I truly believe in the concept of visualizing and manifesting dreams because at that point of time it was definitely not possible to get a chance of meeting with such a great personality.

14) Started Learning about Share Market & started my SIP 5K INR

YouTube player

While I was growing on YouTube, in 2019, a brand approached me for collaboration related to the stock market. At that time I had started SIP in mutual funds but had no knowledge about the stock market.

Also, I never make videos or do collaboration on topics that I don’t have knowledge or experience about. As I don’t want to miss that opportunity of collaboration so I requested the brand to give me a month.

In that one month, I started research and studied the stock market using various resources available on the internet. After that, finally, I purchased my first stock in 2019.

15) Gifted MacBook Myself

YouTube player

Every year I give myself something on my birthday to make myself feel special. I planned to gift myself a MacBook Pro16 Inch on my birthday in 2020.

16) Worked with 30+ brands national and international

In my YouTube journey, I did my first brand deal sponsorship in 2018. Since then, I got the opportunity to do brand deal collaboration with 30+ national and international brands.

17) Got Featured In Josh Talk

YouTube player

In 2021, I got a chance to share my experience on one of the largest platforms “Josh Talk”. I was excited as well as nervous about sharing my story but I was doubtful about my public speaking skills.

In the beginning I was chill for sharing my story on their platform. But I got completely blank after a few minutes of starting the speech. Josh talk’s team helped me to relax and continue the speech.

This day is one of the important days of my life. Till today, my Josh Talk has 444k+ views.

18) Got opportunity to interview Amit Bhadana

YouTube player

I interviewed India’s most loved YouTube creator Mr Amit Bhadana in 2021.

Amit Bhadana is the reason every desi feels proud and has been my inspiration since 2016.

His personality and way of creating content has shattered off my stereotype.

I used to create double meaning videos but he is the one who changed my mind that you don’t need to create foul content to get success.

19) Created more than 5 income source for me

YouTube player

In 2016, Adsense was my first major source of income while till 2021, I have created 5 sources of Income.

My income sources include YouTube, blog, Brand promotion, affiliate products, and link placing.

Percentage distribution of my income revenue are as follows (as of 2022):

53% YouTube

19% Brand Promotion

15% Blog

11% Affiliate Products

2% Link Placing

20) Purchase Tata Safari

As I had already mentioned, I gift myself something grand on my birthday.

In 2021, I was planning to buy a new car.

Firstly I thought about buying a Fortuner but I dropped that plan due to the longer waiting period and no sunroof.

Then we planned for the BMW X5. To buy this, we had to go to Lucknow which was 300 km away. There was no service centre between my village and Lucknow.

So, we had to drop this plan as well.

Finally we decided for Tata Safari as it had great features and the Indian brand was a plus point to go with this option.

As I decided to buy a brand new Tata Safari XZA plus, I booked it a few months before my birthday.

Eventually the car arrived 2 months before my birthday.

YouTube player

21) Got a chance to meet India’s No. Blogger Harsh Agrawal

I had dreamed to feature my inspiration to start blogging as a career, Mr Harsh Agarwal who is founder of Shoutmeloud and coinsutra.

His blog is the Bible for all the bloggers in India and majority of them were inspired from him only.

YouTube player

22) My second Studio in Home Town

I already had a studio in Mumbai but I built a second studio in my hometown because whenever I used to come here I was unable to complete any shoot properly.

Sometimes I had to shoot in the farm or on the terrace which created a lot of external noises in audio of videos.

Apart from these reasons, internet connection is one of the biggest problems in the village till today.

So I thought of making a personal space in my hometown as well so that whenever I came here, my work would not hamper.

Nothing can be better where I can travel as well as continue my work without worrying.

So I built a studio in my hometown also. It cost approximately 2 lakhs to create the studio.

YouTube player

23) My first International Trip Dubai

To celebrate the milestone of 1 million subscribers on my channel “Satish k videos”, I planned for a trip to Dubai.

A boy from a middle class family in a small village of UP has never thought of living a lavish life. It was not less than a dream to travel outside India.

It was my first international trip to Dubai.

YouTube player

24) Finally met my role model Sandeep Maheshwari

Only my close one knows the importance of Sandeep Maheshwari in my life. He is god to me.

In 2012, I saw his first video of and from that day only, I accepted him as my mentor.

I only dreamed of meeting him once in my lifetime but at that time there was no way to do so.

But life has different plans for me.

In 2022, the universe gave me my most precious gift in my birthday month- opportunity to meet Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari.

It was one of the biggest days of my life to meet him personally and  share screen with him in his series ‘ Meet Your Favorite Youtuber’ on his channel.

YouTube player

25) Featured on Telegraph, Aaj Tak, News18 India

My journey & story has been published on various leading media channels such as Telegraph, Aaj Tak, News18 India, etc. in 2021- 22.

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