Satish Kushwaha is a Full-Time Blogger and Vlogger. He is the Founder & Author of Techyukti.com & HindiPedia.net

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Satish Kushwaha’s native place is Deoria, Uttar Pradesh where he has completed his primary education. Then He has done his Graduation in Computer Science & Engineering Stream from a Private College in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Now He stays in Mumbai and works as a full-time Blogger/Vlogger. He loves to do Blogging related to technology, Android & YouTube . He is also proficient in Photoshop , Video Editing and Video Making .

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Currently , Satish also runs 4 YouTube channel:

On this channel , Satish uploads funny videos whatever he experiences in his life. Sometimes, he shares social messages in his videos. If you love the UP accent then  definitely you gonna love his videos too. Do check out once.

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Satish also loves to take interviews of successful people. He loves to meet those people who inspires other people as well as him. He has interviewed so many YouTube Stars like “Sharmaji Technical, Dhananjay Bhosale, Saurabh Nahar, Team Thrust Us, Dharmendra Kumar (My Smart Support), Abhishek Bhatnagar (Gadgets to Use), Prince Chandra, Andy Gujjar (Being Desi), Team Reloaders TV(Formely Angaar TV) and this interview series will be going like this. Must check out those awesome interviews.



You must be thinking that how can Satish make Fitness content. Haha right..! Satish is the chief editor of Fitness Fighters. His brother Montu Mourya and his friend Harmeet Bhamrah work for this channel. Recently, YouTube has listed Fitness Fighters  Channel in Top 5 Fitness Channels in 2017. If you are a fitness freak then must check out the channel.

If you are following him then you must be knowing that Satish runs a blog TechYukti.com. Where he posts reviews and technical stuffs in Hindi language. For his readers, he started making videos to explain the things easily and thus a new channel is reformed called TechYukti. On this channel, He does not show his face. He publishes tutorial videos in Hindi on this channel.